We consider 21 June 2001 as the company’s birthday. The company was founded in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, by Tatyana Pushkina and Andrey Pushkin.

                                                       Tatyana PushkinaAndrey Pushkin

The first routes for delivery of goods were overall transportations around the territory of Ukraine. Soon enough Interfreight developed new routes and carried out transportations through the territory of Russia and CIS countries. And in 2002 the company entered the freight market of Europe and Asia. In 2004 Interfreight has started carrying out transportations and shipment of oversized and heavyweight cargo. They include agriculture equipment, building constructions, manufacturing equipment, mechanical parts of factories and plants etc.

Interfreight is one of the leaders in the freight market of Ukraine. The company has a many years’ experience, a team of skilled staff and its own unique know-how in the field of transportation. We value the time of our customers and understand the importance of efficiency and reliability in the delivery of goods. The company Interfreight uses a flexible pricing policy. Our experts provide an individual approach to each order and are always ready for a dialogue that will lead to mutually beneficial cooperation. Efficiency, quality and responsiveness of the company are based on the experience and professionalism of the staff which guarantees a reliable and individual approach to each of our clients in solving any tasks, even the most complex ones.

The name of our company consists of two parts:

Inter means “International, based on fraternal union of nations” and

Freight means freight charge paid for transportation of goods or usage of a vessel. The amount of FREIGHT should be fixed in a contract of carriage by sea depending on the load weight or per unit volume. In the case of charges for the usage of a vessel FREIGHT is determined as the cost of the voyage or within the specified time limits that give reasons to consider it as a kind of rent. Under the contract FREIGHT may be paid in full upon the execution of the consignment (shipped bill of lading) or in two stages: upon the signing of a bill of lading and in the port of discharge upon receipt of cargo (before or after discharge). The term FREIGHT is also applicable to air delivery.