On September 30, 2016 the transportation and forwarding Company "Interfracht" celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. All the employees of the company took part in the corporate event.


The official part took place in Han-Chinar restaurant, the atmosphere of which brought into focus the solemnity and the friendly environment of the event. The best fellow workers were awarded with the presents and commemorative prizes.

Pushkina Tetiana Anatoliivna and Pushkin Andrii Alimovych the founders of the company "Interfracht" as well as the Heads of Departments congratulated and expressed gratitude to all employees of the company, presented them with certificates of appreciation for the personal contribution to the company’s success, summed up the work for fifteen years and outlined future aims and goals. The enjoyable moment was the creative congratulation from Tetiana Hennadiivna Alieksieienko, namely the partner and close friend of the Company. Tetiana being the managing partner of Stylish Holiday Studio "the 25th hour" conveyed compliments to "Interfracht" Company as to the honorary patron of the arts from the orphans and handed over the commendation from the Archbishop Irenaeus, Metropolitan of Dnipropetrovsk and Pavlohrad, for the help and assistance in organizing and conducting the charity festival "Mama + I ", which once again underlines that the Company "Interfracht" is not only a reliable partner in the field of transport logistics, but it is also a socially responsible company engaged in charitable activities.

Over 15 years of hard work, reliability of our company has been confirmed not only by the regular customers and partners, but also by means of engagement of new customers receiving services of our company. During this time, we have been recognized as the leaders in the market of transport services, as professional and competent specialists. 

15-year old history of the company amounts lots of wins, noticeable events, happy moments, interesting and challenging projects, and equally interesting decisions; sometimes there is a wish to relieve them again. The idea has thus emerged to revive the sweet memories, and the gala-concert-portrait "Old songs about the main thing" was prepared by the staff of the Company. The hearts of the founders were softened by the hymns of previous years and new humoristic “gimmicks” about the logistics business nuances told by the company team cheered them up. The anniversary evening had a lot of contests, kind sweepstakes and sweet prizes; at the end of it the karaoke championship was held and all the interested people took part in it. The friendly atmosphere, enthusiasm and high spirits were the basic elements of this holiday that yet more brought the team of “Interfracht” together. And this is important! This is because a good and close-knit team is one of the main components of success of the Company.

“Interfracht" progress shared sense of purpose in its creativeness and work: i.e. to promote the success and growth of our clients' business by providing exceptional quality of services in the field of transport logistics.

You know what we say: Our client is the pleased client! To achieve our goal, we put the most efforts, we are in progress, we operate and develop our business and we open the new prospects and conquer the peaks! Each of us is an individual, bright and unique personality, and together we are unshakable company that moves onwards and upwards on a path to success! And the name of our Company is “Interfracht”!

Global ocean is a major traffic artery of our planet. Container shipping is the most common, convenient and relatively cheap form of shipping. 60% of all sea cargo and 90% of cargoes transported in the original packing are container shipping.

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International freight traffic is a basis of efficient operation of the global economy. Modern business is impossible without the cooperation of partners from many countries. International transportations have a number of specific features, without the knowledge of which it is impossible to guarantee a successful transportation of goods.

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Cargoes, the size and weight of which exceeds the standard, are referred to as oversized. On the territory of Ukraine the standard cargoes are considered to be the cargoes weighing up to 24 tons, up to 3.1 m in height, with length up to 13.6 m, width up to 2.45 m. The standards of other countries may be different from the Ukrainian. When carrying out international transportation it is necessary to take into account the differences.

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Cargoes the parameters of which do not meet the normal dimensions or weight permitted for carriage are considered oversized. These may be pipes, building structures, concrete slabs, engineering goods, agricultural and specialized machinery, other cargo of complex configuration or weight. Deviation from the approved parameters of at least one indicator is the basis for recognition of the cargo to be oversized.

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Motor transport is a branch of material production, which carries out transportation of cargoes on the highways. Economic specifics of this sector of economy is somewhat peculiar. Motor transport does not actually produce material values.

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On April 11, 2016 INTERFREIGHT became the main partner of the seminar with the subject matter "How to inspire people and bring the company to prosperity" held by Liudmyla Bohush-Dand and organized by the Businessmen Club “WISE” as part of its April Meeting. The event took place in Dnepropetrovsk city at the National Center for Aerospace Education named after A.M. Makarov.

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Dear partners, customers, friends! I am delighted to welcome you on the website of the Company INTERFREIGHT. Our company has been successfully working in the international cargo transportation market since 2001. We provide transportation by our own vehicles and offer our customers a full range of high quality cargo transportation services of any complexity anywhere in the world.

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March 23, 2016 executives of the company "INTERFRAHT" participated in the trial business lunch - "Exclusive tips for your business from a certified auditor." The event took place in Dnipropetrovsk. The initiator and organizer of the meeting is the Managing Partner of Audit-Invest Company Olga Elchenko.

In an informal atmosphere of a light breakfast the meeting participants familiarized themselves with the relevant instruments of doing accounting reporting. The refinement of methods used previously due to the entry into force of the updated version of the tax legislation of Ukraine.

In simple terms the information on the following topics has been offered:

    1. Prospects for the introduction of the single tax.
    2. Features of the calculation of income tax.
    3. Calculation of VAT.
    4. Transfer pricing.
    5. Excisable activities.
    6. Prospects for extending the moratorium on tax audits.
    7. Legally competent business response strategy.

The participants of the business lunch received:

  • useful information for successful protection of the interests of business enterprises;
  • advice on the use of exclusive business strategies in a partial business decline.
  • The versatility and practicality of received tips that allow one to successfully do business regardless of ownership form and spheres of activity of the company or enterprise were noted. We thank the Audit-Invest Company and Elchenko Olga for the nice meeting!

    March 2, 2016 "Interfraht" Company's specialists will deliver a complex metal structure weighing 4 tons, length 14 meters, height of 3.8 meters and a width of 4.35 meters to the construction site of water park.

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    February 29, 2016 representatives of the "Interfraht" company took part in the presentation of a business project “Level UP - Upgrade your business" dedicated to the use of effective tools to release 60% of the time of managers. The presentation took place in Dnepropetrovsk Club "Bartolomeo".

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