On 22 September friends, partners and employees gathered to the anniversary celebration party of the freight forwarding company Interfreight entitled “Coffee Aroma Evening”, which was brightly held in a cosy restaurant Le Grand.

Interfreight has been successfully organizing global freight forwarding for 10 years. Transportation, logistics, freight forwarding are the three pillars on which the company's business is based since it has been established in 2001. At that time the founders of the company (Tatyana Pushkina and Andrey Pushkin) decided to establish a company that would contribute to the success and growth of customers’ business providing exceptional quality of services in the area of logistics, and for ten years our company has run the business highly professionally.

This is what the guests of the anniversary party were told by a film about our company, starting with the day of company’s foundation until today. Premiere of the image film “10 Years of Success” was held under the storm of applause, as well as everything that was offered to the guests at the anniversary evening.

In an easy and relaxed atmosphere of dialogue the guests gathered to the anniversary celebration party, enjoyed coffee of vending company Interkaffa (a subsidiary company of Interfreight) and were treated to champagne accompanied with vocal jazz while elegant hostesses in Interfreight brand suits invited everyone to participate in a photo shoot in order to get a luxury photo as a memento.

The official part of the celebration was opened by Tatyana Alekseenko, a close friend of heroes of the anniversary, an experienced leader of the company 25th hour, who said – “The success of any business is its team, its people who run it. They give their time, their enthusiasm, their talent for the benefit of the common goal of Interfreight, and therefore for their personal success too!”

Best of the best were awarded with nominal diplomas for their special contribution to the development, formation and prosperity of the company and were acknowledged with sincere words said by the founder of the company Tatyana Pushkina:

“I’d like to say that people in this hall are those who are always on the road to success and always keep on going forward! I am happy that so many people share my thoughts and outlooks on life, and they trust and support me! I appreciate it very much and wish everyone only the very best! Being 10 years in business is a milestone when a certain inner maturity has been already reached and you can have a look at what you have done, at those people who surround you, therefore I am very grateful to everyone who is now present here – to my staff, my colleagues, my friends, partners...”

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Following up upon warm words, heroes of the anniversary treated their guests to an extraordinary quiz, gifts which were souvenirs from around the world, where Interfreight’s transportation routes are run: elite drinks from Italy, France, Spain, Germany, courtesy of company’s partner Vina Mira, hand painted dishes from Russia, a stylish umbrella from England and a tea set from China, as well as Italian coffee from Sicily presented by Interkaffa and a super prize – a silver ingot, which represents one more country in Interfreight logistics – Kazakhstan. A luxury birthday cake, cooked by the chef of restaurant Le Grand, was greeted with applause, and then, following up upon the coffee theme of in the evening, the guests and the friendly close-knit team of Interfreight were fully involved in the game “What? Where? When?” and were given great coffee sets from Interkaffa.

Throughout the celebration evening the heroes of the anniversary were addressed with congratulations from friends and partners of the company. A culminated festive event was a brilliant performance of a vocal band TRIO S-KLASS (holders of St. Stanislav order, winners of the Sochi Festival “Ovation”).

“Great evening, new acquaintances and unforgettable experience. Thanks to Interfreight for great time!” - with these words all the guests left the celebration party.

Here are some more testimonials of our guests and favourite clients towards the founders of Interfreight:

- “I would like to wish the company expansion, fair customers, lots of business partners, good luck, prosperity and mostly - health to your families. You have a beautiful young team, a cool team led by its leader Tatyana Pushkina; I wish them lots of prosperity, they deserve it.”

T. Miroshnichenko, Dnepromebel

- “Many thanks to your company for the invitation and for the great evening. You are the only team that has taken so much care of its guests! GREAT!!! Give my admiration to Tatyana!”

- “First of all, I wish Tatyana, who is the mother of this company, all the best and success to your company, many happy returns to your employees, years of prosperity to all of you and your family that helps you so much. I see you are growing and developing despite everything. I wish you to stay strong in the pursuit of your goals and go on developing.”

Elena Melnik, Kiev

We join all the wishes and would like to add that for many decades to come there is just one principle for Interfreight:

WINNERS do not believe in coincidence.

FATE and success are not matters of chance, they are matters of CHOICE; this is not what one should expect but what one reaches.”

Happy anniversary, Interfreight!