In Dnepropetrovsk the construction of the most modern Metallurgical Plant in Eastern Europe – electric furnace steelmaking complex Dneprostal – is nearing completion that will mark a new era in the national metallurgy industry.

On 26 February 2007 in Kiev a contract for the construction of the largest in Ukraine and Eastern Europe electric furnace steelmaking complex Dneprostal was signed between INTERPIPE and DANIELI.

At the present stage, on 21 October INTERPIPE launched a cold testing of Dneprostal, a first metallurgical plant built from scratch in Ukraine over the last 40 years. The first stage of testing of the new electric furnace steelmaking complex is going to last until the end of 2011.

The plant itself became the biggest plant in Europe and in 2009 won the award for the most innovative project, which has no analogues, in the category “Environmental Protection”. And in 2011 Dneprostal ranked among the top 15 “green” projects in Ukraine over the year 2011 according to Investgazeta.

Moreover, Fichtner GmbHKG (Germany) regularly conducts an environmental and social audit of Dneprostal construction.

Quotation: An extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador Pietro Giovanni Donnici, who visited the construction of the plant in July 2009, was greatly impressed by what he had seen: “I've heard a lot about the importance of INTERPIPE in the Ukrainian economy. Danieli also confirms the role of its national leader, so I will be very interested to see the final result of the cooperation between the two leading companies. The scale of the construction impresses! Certainly, an important aspect of the future plant is its high environmental standards.”.

It is necessary to add that INTERPIPE has built cable power transmission line 330 kW, which is the first extra high voltage cable line in Ukraine. During the construction of the line there were used the latest protection and isolation technologies from global manufacturers of power equipment. The new underground transmission line is laid at a depth of over 1.5 metres including areas under the Samara river using horizontal directional drilling. Application of new technologies and the best route of laying the line allowed avoiding a negative impact on the environment and population.

It is significant that the Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology named after A. N. Marzeev issued a positive decision on the safety of the cable line to the environment.

Also, to provide all the necessary raw materials for the new plant there is going to be a comprehensive modernization, planned to increase the production capacity of Dnepropetrovsk Vtormet, in particular the acquisition of waste loaders, which are going to be imported by the freight forwarding company Interfreight LTD (Dnepropetrovsk) from Germany to Ukraine. This is an oversized cargo and there are few professional freight forwarding companies on the transportation of such cargo in Ukraine, therefore Interfreight fits with all the necessary qualities for oversized cargo transportation.

It is pleasant to know that, despite all the events in the world and Ukraine itself, everything is moving in a positive direction.