The first mention of Chechnya was heard in the 16th century when a constant opposition of Russian-Chechen relations began, at the time when the first Russian fortress appeared at the confluence of the Sunzha river in the Terek river. After the establishment of the Soviet system in March 1920 Terek region was disbanded, and the Chechen (united with Ichkeria) and Ingush (united with Nagorniy) regions became independent territorial units. In 1957, the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was restored. It was only in 2009 when the counter-terrorist operation was finished because of the stabilization of the situation. By this time, much had been already restored and built.

Being there one can gaze a lot of new and beautiful places. For example, there is the largest mosque in Europe. 36 chandeliers are installed there. The collection took several tonnes of bronze, 2.5 kg of high-carat gold and more than 1 million of materials. The chandeliers have Chechen ornament which was specially selected by the designers. In the evening red neon “Welcome, the month of Ramadan” shines above the mosque.

Recently after a complete reconstruction the third largest city of the Chechen Republic – Argun – has been opened. The city is rebuilding up rapidly, and if you do not look into the details - this is a common European city. Glass, plastic, white stone. At the opening of the city the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov was present. He emphasised that for seven months a shopping centre and 74 cottages were built in Argun. Moreover, 137 single storey and dozens of multi-storey houses were repaired, the largest Palace of Culture in the Republic was restored, 27 km of water pipes, 21 km of storm sewer system, 18 km of gas pipelines were laid.

Kadyrov said: “Today's opening is just a part of the work done in the city of Argun. We still have to build hundreds of objects, including a business centre “Argun City”, a hospital, a mosque, municipal housing, a stadium and many more. Large-scale changes are already evident. As the result of the conducted work Argun is going to be one of the most beautiful cities. Not only residents, but also the visitors of the Republic will be delighted with the cityscape.”

In the conclusion, the head of the Chechen Republic thanked all the employees who were involved in the reconstruction of the city, all the companies who helped or contributed to early recovery. Interfreight LTD cannot be unmentioned due to the persistence and professional team helped to carry out oversized cargo namely a drilling rig from Ukraine to Argun which had been used for the construction of the business centre “Argun City”.

On our own behalf we would like to wish the Chechen Republic further development and stay strong in the pursuit of your goals.