According to official data of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine and according to the EUROPEAN STANDART RATING system it was managed the ranging of economic indicators and dynamics among the 350,000 business entities in Ukraine. Enterprise leaders of each industry branch form the “League of the Best”. These companies have the exclusive right to be named as a Leader in its type of economic activity.

According to the results of the year 2011, Interfreight Ltd has gained an advantage over the competitors and has rightly taken the 33rd ranking position according to the Standard Industrial Classification “63.40.0” – “Cargo forwarding”.

Let us recall:


«LEAGUE OF THE BEST» is recognition of real leaders in the Ukrainian economy exclusively according to the data from official government statistics. A human factor of influence on the results of the rating is excluded.

Analysis and evaluation of the enterprises are based on the facts of official financial reports of enterprises according to the EUROPEAN STANDART RATING system, recognized in the leading countries of the world.

«LEAGUE OF THE BEST» is a presentation of leaders in construction and architecture; medicine and health; engineering and aviation; energy and metallurgy industries; chemical, woodworking and furniture industries; agriculture; service and other industries on a nationwide scale.

«LEAGUE OF THE BEST» is a well-balanced display of contribution of all professional sectors of our society in the development of Ukraine.



• Honouring with incentive awards heads of the companies that make a great contribution to the future of our country through the pumping of the state budget, social programmes and contributions to social security and pension funds; take care of their employees; provide employment opportunities; introduce new technologies, innovations and form a type of economy based not on natural resources but on production of a consumable product and increasing of the country's exports.

• Increasing of cooperation of state and local government with enterprises and organizations towards the development of the institute of public recognition of labour achievements of Ukrainian enterprises, their managers and labour collectives.

• Establishment of the institute of public recognition of labour achievements of Ukrainian citizens.

• Promoting the level of labour and social status of enterprises.

• Forming the basis of public-private partnership in advocacy of labour values and labour achievements of Ukrainians.

• Promotion of a positive image of national business and its leaders in the international arena.

• Increasing of export-import contracts and consolidation of the international community.

• Promoting international activity of Ukrainian enterprises and attraction of foreign investment.

• Strengthening of the ideological platform of national, regional and professional holidays, anniversaries and important corporate and other prominent events related to labour achievements of fellow citizens.