According to the reports provided by our company to the state statistics agencies of Ukraine, the State has determined our company as “Industry Leader 2011”.

Our company has won the 25th place in the Dnepropetrovsk region among enterprises in the field of “Organization of cargo transportation.”

orden biz slava


It is an integrated rating programme, which determines the real leaders of Ukrainian economy solely on the basis of official data from the State Statistics.



According to the national strategic course of Ukraine as a country with a strong, robust and smooth-running economy, it is necessary to identify and honour the companies that form this growth and are the basis for wealth creation and social protection for all citizens of Ukraine.


To encourage entrepreneurs who care not only about the profitability of their own business, but also contribute greatly to the future of our country through the pumping of the state’s budget, social programmes and contributions to social security and pension funds, care about their employees, create new jobs, develop new technologies, innovate and form a new type of economy based not on natural resources but knowledge.


Actually, the rating shows the enterprises appeal to investors, provides the partners with information about the status of the company’s business.




  • To evaluate the enterprises condition in an integrated manner
  • To compare the financial status of enterprises against each other
  • To define generally the enterprises condition of a sector, region, country
  • To evaluate the dynamics of changes over the past period
  • To size up impact of macroeconomic decisions on enterprises status
  • To provide basis for the calculation of the loan cost, investment funds, debt issues




  • For investors – to evaluate the most attractive investment strategies
  • For authorities – to estimate the overall economic status of the enterprises
  • For banks – to account loan risks
  • For insurance companies – to calculate insurance premiums
  • For media, scientific and analytical organizations – to prepare analytical reports and current economic statistics