So we have become a year older...

On 21 June freight forwarding company Interfreight celebrated its 11th anniversary. It seems that only recently we have celebrated its 10th anniversary, and then one more year has gone full of success, progress, new emotions, achievements, joy and pride. And now we announce - we are 11 years old!

For the time of our work, the list of leaders who provide logistics services in Ukraine and CIS countries has been added with our name. While climbing to success, we discovered new countries and routes thanks to which we laid the long-term groundwork for the company’s future. Having the experience of international freight forwarding on the territory of 57 countries in Europe and Asia, every day we strive for discovering new opportunities through developing communications and revealing new dimensions. The quality of our transport logistics services as well as the goal of our work – to contribute to the success and growth of our clients' business – remains to be unchangeable.

Celebrating of the company’s birthday started in the morning. For the first time in 11 years in the office of Interfreight there were present people who did not say a word... Everyone was amused with cute and very good-natured mimes. I would like to draw your attention that this happened with us - in the company where things are humming, where the phones are constantly ringing, people are talking and the silence comes only when the last person leaves the office. Surely no one expected this!

Each person who went in the office was met in an original and very funny way. It seemed that the laughter on that day would last continuously. Those who have ever dealt with mimes exactly know that laughter and joy can be given without words. It should be mentioned that all employees of the company are not only educated and qualified transport logistics specialists, but also very positive, open, fun and friendly people. So, we have had the best time of life!

Guided by the principle “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” our company’s logistics specialists devote themselves to the work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and all of this is only to make the company's customers be confident in the solution of any transport logistics problems.

Interfreight is like a special world, which has its own objectives, rules and plans. Together the company's employees make this world better every day efficiently performing their duties and promises to customers, supporting each other and giving positive emotions all around. We are proud of our company and make it better every year, we grow, develop and improve ourselves.

We would like to note that the main celebration of the company’s birthday traditionally will be held in September 2012. Are you with us? Then wait for further news from Interfreight and take part in their creation.

P. S. We kindly thank all our friends, partners and customers for your kind sincere words and wishes that has been sent to us!