The morning of 12 August for Interfreight was a bright, unforgettable event full of bright colours and emotions. The reason for this was a birthday of Andrey Pushkin, the company’s founder.

A friendly team of the company has always had a non-standard approach to the holidays and congratulations. Today was not an exception, on the contrary - this we haven’t ever had anything like this. Congratulations were organized in a retro style, namely in a “Stilyagi” theme. Stilyagi are those people who during the late Soviet years listened to vinyl records, drank soda from soda machines, wore brightly and catchy, and became the heroes of the 50-60s. And a birthday party in “Stilyagi” style is the atmosphere, which cannot remain indifferent to this unforgettable celebration of life.

As the company's staff is rather young and consists of people born in the 80-90s, such a party was especially informative and interesting. Bright and catchy outfits, jazz and rock’n’roll, dancing and unforgettable emotions - that's how we have celebrated the birthday of Andrey Pushkin.


May every hour be good

Beautiful mood!

May many times

Happy moments be repeated!

May life give love and light,

Hope and good luck!

We wish you happiness, long life,

Good luck and inspiration!