Interfreight is a leader in transport logistics. We can make project oversized cargo transportation plain and clear. A visible evidence of this has become the transportation of disassembled extraction plant, which is intended to revive the sugar industry in Tula region.

Tula region in the Russian Federation is a birthplace of sugar production. In 1801 in the village of Alyabyevo, Tula county, the first sugar plant in the country was built. Yegor Blankennagel and Jacob Esipov became the founders and the partners.

Until recently, in the region there were three productions of beet processing. The last sugar mill Tovarkovskiy in the region was closed down 3 years ago. The plant did not work, and farmers had to deliver most beets in other regions, a part of the harvest just stayed on the fields. In past years, farmers planted an average of 10 thousand hectares of sugar beet. Everyone understood that if the plant worked again the life in the region would change. Especially as there is a real opportunity to increase the planting acreage up to 18.000 hectares.

And now the government of Tula region has decided to restore Tovarkovskiy sugar mill. At this stage the investments in the project implementation of sugar production reach RUR 3 billion. Investments in modernization have already reached half billion rubles. Now the company has been installing a new production line. The equipment is completely replaced in accordance with the most modern technologies. At the end of 2012 it is expected to open the first stage of production.

Full implementation of the plan is expected to be carried out in 2014. It is planned that by this time the plant will not only provide the region with sugar, but also will be able to export it to the neighbouring regions. By that time the production capacity should have reached 6.000 tonnes of sugar beets per day. And, of course, a new factory means supplying not only the region with sugar, but also more than 200 workplaces.

It is very pleasant to realize that providing transportation services of the highest quality, our company contributes the development and success to other companies’ businesses that have huge potential under a national scale. In this project transportation we have involved 18 specialized vehicles for oversized and heavy cargo transportations. Preliminarily surveying of the route by the roads and settlements was conducted. The obtained data were filled in the scheme of a road status.

Oversized cargo transportation was carried out on the territory of three countries - Moldova, Ukraine and Russia. For the full route we have selected an appropriate route with special conditions of a semitrailer truck movement.

It is worth to mention a one-of-a-kind scheme of cargo slinging, thanks to which five crawler cranes, considering the significant pressure on the roadbed and the irregularity in its distribution, the extraction plant for the revival of the sugar mill was charged in good order and condition.

The entire project of the oversized cargo transportation is carried out with the use of specially configured software, which is a unique product design of the engineers of Interfreight and is the only Ukraine, and it provides a completely different approach to the process of heavy cargo transportation.

It will be remembered that this software was presented in Odessa at the conference “Practice of maritime business” during the report of Tatyana Pushkina, the founder of Interfreight, “Designing of oversized cargo handling.”

The most important thing is that due to the united coordinated actions for the delivery of oversized cargo, Tovarkovskiy sugar mill will begin its work as soon as possible, which therefore will become a new starting point for farmers of Tula and the whole region.