Trademark is a graphic and visual element without which it is already impossible to consider any business. At the beginning it is only an image, a pattern. But when it passes all its stages of development and growth that is already associations, emotions and feelings. You put in the trademark your intelligence, time and money and, thanks to your efforts, it will become widely known and recognizable, and the company will gain a good reputation and a good name.

For many years Interfreight has been associated with a green trademark in the form the Earth which is easily recognizable and unique.

Since 25 May 2012 trademark of Interfreight has been registered under the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Rights to Marks for goods and services”.

The confirmation of this is a certificate No. 156523 as of 25.05.2012.

The right to use the trademark of Interfreight is governed by the articles of the Ukrainian Law “On Protection of Rights to Marks for goods and services.”