Today, on 11 February, we congratulate our beloved director

Tatyana Pushkina! Happy Birthday!

May laugh be soulful and happy!

May happiness overcome you now!

May all the minutes be happy,

Full of kind words and smiles,

May life give beautiful emotions,

And may the novelty aroma attract you fully!

Compliments, flowers, admirations,

Dream fruition, new acquaintances!

In every day to find inspiration

And to keep the warmth in your heart!

Wish you not to be tired,

To travel in the same direction!

May you be warm with family warmth,

May all the business be successful.

Wish you happiness and laughter,

And endless success.

May all your dreams come true,

And bring happiness to you.

YOU are a woman! And thus you are beautiful!

All roads to wonders are open...

You are a woman! And everyone in the world knows

That you are innocent with all your being...

And you are really like a free wind...

You give love and kindness all around...

You are a woman! And you are responsible for all...

For peace, for life, and you are a friend for everyone...

You are a woman... Your years do not hinder you...

As your soul feels so young you are...

You are a woman! And you are a creator of success...

You have no day without joy and happiness.

You are a Woman! A Riddle for men!

You are a Woman! Delight and amaze!

You always find a few reasons

To change your mind completely.

You are a woman! You are a vase of tenderness,

You are a mystery... a fully inspiration...

You are a Woman! You are the sternest court!

You are with us and this is tenderness.

You are a Woman! You are a light and a deity!

And you have married the very nature

You are a Woman! You are a peace, a celebration!

And you gave birth to a new life!