On 25 September 2013 freight forwarding company Interfreight together with the law firm Eksante with support of the Dnepropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized and held a seminar on the topic of “Problems and solutions in freight forwarding activities in case of fraud.” Their knowledge and experience was shared with the participants by Tatyana Pushkina, a founder and CEO of the freight forwarding company Interfreight, and Alexandr Vodopyan, an attorney in top 5 list of the lawyers who won the most resonant litigations in 2013, a member of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

Tatyana PushkinaAlexandr Vodopyan

The seminar was attended by over 50 representatives of transport and freight forwarding companies of Dnepropetrovsk region. The meeting highlighted urgent issues related to fraudulent transactions, which unfortunately are quite common in the branch of transport services at the present time, as well as tools and methods to prevent these situations in order to create a successful and prosperous business. The legal aspects of the transport market in a competitive environment and huge dumping in pricing for transport services have been also examined in details.

Each participant in the seminar has been provided with materials that inform on practical samples of drafting claims and other documents for filling to the court.

The relevance of the topic was confirmed by engagement of all the participants of the meeting (CEOs and private enterprises) to an active discussion. Each speaker talked about the problem from his own experience, voicing the specific situations and the actions that were taken to solve the problem. Most speakers confirmed that they experienced a lot of cases when the services had not been paid, and they shared options how to solve that issue and to compensate their material and reputational damage.

“Many thanks to Interfreight for the IDEA and REALIZATION of the highly necessary roundtables. It is the second roundtable I’ve visited. And I have used the acquired skills after the first one! Your experience, that you and the participants kindly shared, was very helpful! Special thanks to Tatyana for the professional seminar!”

Yana Belventseva, private entrepreneur


“Thank you for good background, briefly, informative, interesting. I would like to participate in conducting such seminars in the future.”

Ekaterina Bazina, legal counsel of Viktrans


“Great seminar! Correct topic! I am sure that the words I have heard here will be useful in the further work of our company. Thanks to Tatyana for organizing it!”

Olga Gaidar, CEO of Avtotrans-Dnepr Private Enterprise


“Thank you for the seminar. It is a very necessary and actual theme for the discussion. I’ve heard some interesting information on debt recovery from the contractor who doesn’t pay.”

Viktor Gotvyanskiy, Private Enterprise

Presented testimonials from the participants clearly indicate that such meetings are useful and necessary for entrepreneurs, because their priority is the main objective of the round table hosts (freight forwarding company Interfreight), which is similar to with the goals of their main activity: “To contribute to the success and growth of customer’s business, providing exceptional quality of services in the field of transport logistics.”

Press office of Interfreight