Following the celebration of the 16th anniversary of the company, we collectively decided to make a cooperative trip to the famous island of the Cossack glory in Zaporozhe – Khortitsa island!

And on the stroke of 7 am, on sunny morning, September 5, all our team with families went to the legendary museum preserve. The way time went very quickly! This is because we managed to sing and even to dance “Wild dances” right in the route bus! The driver although he wanted, but he couldn’t object! Since he drove true and very sincere artists!

Khortitsa met us as befits its historical intention – with traditional performance of descendants of ancient warriors - Cossacks and hospitable dinner in national style. Then there was introductory ethnographic excursion, great photo session with horses and in picturesque places of Cossack farm yard and some spare time outside with beautiful view on Dnepro hydro-electric power station.

Such cooperative trips remain lot of impressions, inspire with positive and the main thing – give proper rest, get new interesting information and close our the ranks!

Happy Birthday to you, Interfracht! Your iron horses are ready to carry valuable cargos; your Cossack sotnia is ready to protect and save it and to make all your friends stronger and more successful! Let us all have new victories and progresses!