On the 30th of September, 2015 freight forwarding company “Interfreight” with the assistance of Dnepropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized and conducted the Round Table for the partners of the company on the topic of “licensing of freight forwarding activity as a prevention method of fraudulence”.

The Round Table stipulates a face-to-face communication of all participants with a purpose of specification the further strategy of all transport market members. Active live dialogue of all participants of the Round Table was a confirmation of timeliness of the topic. Each participant talked about his/her problems and their solution methods from his/her personal perspective. During a constructive dialogue the important decisions were made respective to further effective work on a transport market. The conclusions of the Round Table participants will be transferred to relative Ministries and Agencies to improve the work of all transport market members and to increase the efficiency of business process.

Yana Vladimirovna Belventseva, sole proprietor Belventseva Ya.V.: “Many thanks to “Interfreight” for great and timely raising of a long-standing topic. Thank you, Tatiana! You are at your best, as always! Consistency – is a quality of an expert”

Dudkovskaia Tatiana Grigorevna, sole proprietor Dudkovskaia T.G.: “A relevant topic and face-to-face communication – this is what I liked the best”

Ponomarenko S.A., LLC “Galaktika-Trans”: “The most I liked the topic of the meeting and open communication, timeliness of the raised issues, openness and transparency”

Ivan Konstantinovich Bekker, LLC “Van Teko”: “I liked the best the organization of the meeting”

Lebed Tatiana Viktorovna, sole proprietor A.P.: “I obtained a respond for my company: the improvement of expeditions”

The abovementioned comments of the participants of the Round Table testify usefulness of the meetings and necessity for entrepreneurs, as the general purpose of the Round Table of the freight forwarding company “Interfreight” is “to contribute to success and development of business of the company’s clients by providing perfect quality service in the transport logistics”.

Press Service of “Interfreight”