On the 6th of October the Hungarian-Ukrainian investment business conference «Doing business with Hungary» took place. “Interfreight” together with almost hundred of small and medium business representatives of Dnepropetrovsk region and about 30 companies from Hungary, public authorities and diplomatic institutes took part in it. It was a great opportunity for us to establish meaningful contacts for further perspective of joint business.

In the words of Chairman of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council Yevgenii Udod, such conference is the first step to collaborative work between enterprises of Dnepropetrovsk region and Hungary, and to selection of tools for entry into new markets.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary in Ukraine Erno Keshken emphasized on that Hungary is ready to be an expert for Dnepropetrovsk region and to make specific proposals.

Within the event framework, there was represented investment potential of Dnepropetrovsk region and enterprises of Hungary, tax systems of both countries and potential for opening of Hungarian National Trade House in Dnepropetrovsk. Along with that, there was made a detailed presentation of Yas-Nadkun-Solnok region, and there was mentioned special aspects, predominant fields of this region and major companies appropriate for collaboration.

Bilateral business meetings of entrepreneurs and separate seminar for tour operators took place that day.

Our company surely forges ahead. Currently we have a representation office in Belgorod. We plan to open a branch of “Interfreight” in Czech Republic.

We have an experience of transportation on the territories of 85 countries of Europe and Asia. Moreover, this conference increased interest in opportunity of collaborative work with Hungary. We are sure that Hungary can be the country for development of cooperation and our business. And the main purpose of our work – is to contribute to success and development of our clients’ business by providing perfect quality of service in the transport logistics.