On the 28th of October 2015 on the occasion of the Automobilist Day in Ukraine, a roundtable discussion on "Current aspects of obtaining permits to carry cargo in international traffic” was organized and held by freight forwarding company "Interfraht" with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dnipropetrovsk.

The event brought together leaders and top officials of the carrier companies and carrier enterprises. Real-life communication confirmed the urgency of the problems related to the permits obtaining issues (transit, etc.). Participants eagerly shared their views on the availability of permits in Ukraine, the decision options of custom issues, as well as personal experience, how to avoid the appearance of various problem situations during the international transportation. Expert of the meeting was the head of the licensing and certification department of "Yuridicheskaia firma Tsytadel" – Skorobogatova Darina Vladimirovna.

According to the results and conclusions, to which collectively the round table participants came, the protocol will be drawn up and submitted to the relevant ministries and agencies in order to improve the operation of the transport market and to increase the efficiency of business processes.

The opinions from participants confirmed the usefulness of such meetings:

Rykova Irina Nikolaevna, LLC "Terra vernalis": "I liked the active constitutive professional communication".

Rykov Valentin Vladimirovich, self-employed individual Rykov V.V.: "I enjoyed nice chat with colleagues the most. It is necessary to improve the relationship between state agencies and carriers".

Belyi Ilia Igorevich, Private Company "KB APEKS": "I liked the organization of the event and candy the most".

Skorobogatova Darina Vladimirovna, LLC "Yur.firma Tsytadel": "I liked the competence of Ukrainian carriers".

Petrusenko Elena Mikhailovna, PJSC "Promyshlenye regiony": "I enjoyed the conversation activity, the topic of the event and the atmosphere created by the organizers".

Presented reviews clearly indicate that such activities can improve the communication and connect the participants of cargo transportation, and also the need to exchange views and make good common solutions. The company "Interfraht" intends to continue to hold similar roundtables, the idea of which is consonant with the main purpose of the company: "To promote the success and growth of business customers, providing exceptional quality of services in the field of transport logistics".