On the 4th of December, 2015 a workshop of Evgenii Sotnikov, the "SotnikovGroup" owner took place in Premier Hotel Abri, organized by the freight forwarding company "Interfraht".

Evgenii Sotnikov held a seminar on "Increasing personal and corporate income". The event was attended by over 120 people, who were convinced that simple, at first glance, tools are very useful and effective in their work.

The company "Interfraht" was the organizer of this event not by chance, as it is an old friend of the holding "SotnikovGroup" and Evgenii Sotnikov. The most important thing is that in their own daily activities, each employee of the company "Interfraht" applies tools without exception, about which speaker so interesting told on the seminar and that are very effective.

Evgenii shared with the participants the practical skills in relation to a very topical at the moment issues:

  • how to increase personal efficiency by at least 30%?
  • how to ensure that your employees take responsibility and better control of their job?
  • how to cope with fatigue and stress?
  • what eats up two-thirds of the potential income of the company and how to fix it?
  • how to increase your company's revenue by improving effectiveness of TOP-team?
  • Participants received many valuable advice regarding the struggle against the ‘deluge of work’, severe fatigue, goals and plans achievement. Since the workshop is oriented for business owners – this information has become a truly vital.

    Proved by the feedback from participants:

    "Thanks to Evgenii Sotnikov for turning global problems into a simple and solvable. There is what to think about and to do! Thank you!" Yurchenko T.V., "Platinum Bank".

    "I look forward to the opening of Businessmen Club WISE in Dnipropetrovsk, I think it will help entrepreneurs to create efficiency in the business. Speaker remarkable delivered information, gave knowledge about seems to be very simple, but very practical and useful efficiency tools." Yushkevich I.I., "Amrita".

    "This seminar leaved an impression of light, simple and useful lesson. Speaker Evgenii Sotnikov has a sense of humor and the ability to explain everything, and for everyone. Thank you for everything!" Klochok A.E., entrepreneur.

    Thanks to all the participants, we hope for new meetings and new knowledge!

    Traditionally, photo report:)