February 15, at 18:00 in the Premier Hotel Abri Interfraht company organized a second meeting of businessmen of Wise of Dnepropetrovsk region dedicated to the workshop of Evhenii Kotov on "How to motivate children and staff. Family and business."

The participants of the workshop were businessmen, directors and employees of enterprises of Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhe and even Poltava. The planned event was attended by more than 100 participants, thanks to the organization of the event by "Interfraht" all received the maximum care and attention.

The seminar opened the founder of "Interfraht" Pushkina Tatiana, who presented the club "Wise" and the much-anticipated speaker Evhenii Kotov, who came from Moscow with the aim to share his knowledge and experience with regard to motivation.

Invited participants got really useful and conceptual information about modern education and motivation of children and staff, because for the head his employee is the same as child. The whole workshop was filled with a lambent humor of speaker, useful information and good spirits.

At the coffee break the guests were able to get to know each other better, take a group photo and take part in a tea ceremony, discussing the goals and plans for the near future. This is the second meeting of the Club of Businessmen Wise in Dnepropetrovsk, but it had the feeling of real union of participants. From the side it looked like it was a big family, and around reigned warmth and friendliness.

In the second part of the seminar, the guests received a huge bundle of knowledge from Evhenii Kotov in relation to parenting. A final part of the workshop was the drawing of pleasant surprises and gifts that Evhenii Kotov and Tatiana Pushkina played for the participants. The lucky ones have received books, certificates, discounts and many nice gifts!

The event ended at 21:00, but still more than an hour guests can not break up, wanting to communicate closer with the organizers of the workshop and the speaker. This evening will be remembered for all the good mood, the useful information received at the workshop and, of course, pleasant gifts from the organizers of the event - the company "Interfraht"!

Such events may be useful for the further development of entrepreneurial skills and the Union of leaders in the region. We expect the next workshop in the near future. Look for announcements!


Interfraht – freight forwarding company, 16 years of contributing to the growth and prosperity of our clients' business by providing exceptional quality of services in the field of transport logistics.

Evhenii Kotov - business coach, the owner of «Practicum Group» company. Specialization: sales and sales management, leadership, negotiation, and oratory.

WISE - an international association of entrepreneurs.