On the 17-19th of February 2016 in the city of Zaporizhzhia, in the Exhibition complex "Kozak Palats" took place the 15th National Exhibition of Agricultural Technologies "Agribusiness – 2016", organized by the Expo-center "Meteor".

Exhibition of Agricultural Technologies "Agribusiness" - is a public platform, which has become a great opportunity for effective business communication and presentation of goods and services of specialized enterprises of agro-industrial sector. 15 years of successful experience in organizing and holding of highly specialized exhibitions allows us to achieve significant success and attract more and more specialists of agrarian business.

The exhibition "Agribusiness – 2016" was attended by representatives of the freight forwarding company "Interfraht". "Interfraht" company has long-term experience in the market of transportation of Ukraine and their presence in the exhibition shows a possible perspective of beneficial cooperation for many agricultural enterprises in Ukraine in the field of transport logistics.

We are confident that the exhibition "Agribusiness – 2016" will be an effective platform, for both international and domestic brands, as well as leading agricultural market companies, which once again reminded everyone of the development of their companies, demonstrated their products and services and choose for this the best regional platform - an exhibition of Agricultural Technologies "Agro-2016".