January 27, 2016 representatives of the company "Interfraht" took part in the business breakfast #KashaBB «Identity and production: shaken, not mixing!».

The event took place between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. at the Italian restaurant «Buoni Fratelli» of the city of Dnipropetrovsk.

KashaBB - it is a business meeting of twenty - fifty unusual partners, people, friends from various fields of activity. Usually such meetings are held in the format of a refined business breakfast with a discussion of topics relevant to business.

The program of the meeting includes:

  • coming together with new partners;
  • learning useful information.
  • Participants will learn the easy-quality networking - the ability to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with businessmen present at the meeting.

    Kasha School holds a business breakfasts in two formats:

    1. Work & Life It assumes concise presentation of several speakers, with an open discussion of issues relevant to the business. Establishment of communications in the Work & Life format is becoming increasingly popular in today's dynamic world.

    2. Wake Up Bright morning meeting, filled with rapid implementation of instantaneous practical tasks that allow you to identify the desires and pain points of specific target audience.

    The interaction with interesting people and participation of KashaBB will allow you to find effective solutions and new development paths for business in times of crisis.

    Subjects of the meetings move beyond business. Meeting program provides an opportunity to learn interesting information about the accumulation of personal power, establishing relationships, maintaining the health, self-fulfillment, finding balance and poise of various spheres of life. Kasha School breakfast is a completely new format of learning, acquaintances and fruitful communication of business owners and top managers.

    Take some time and dedicate a meeting one morning. You will:

  • get the ability to say goodbye to the daily grind;
  • find fresh ideas;
  • get answers to difficult questions for you;
  • be able to meet interesting people;
  • be able to establish useful business contacts;
  • get a boost of energy.
  • KashaBB meetings are an excellent breeding ground for the development of any business:

      1. Invite to the morning meeting your partners and colleagues.
      2. Find new contacts and maintain business relationships.
      3. Propose topics for discussion.
      4. Speak and present new projects, topics and ideas.

    KashaBB is the perfect place to find new contacts and expand business horizons for your business. Constant exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience enables you to find a solution to the most complex problems.

    "Interfraht" company takes an active part in social projects and useful for the development of the company's business meetings. Productive use of information allows us to provide high quality of services in difficult economic conditions.