February 29, 2016 representatives of the "Interfraht" company took part in the presentation of a business project “Level UP - Upgrade your business" dedicated to the use of effective tools to release 60% of the time of managers. The presentation took place in Dnepropetrovsk Club "Bartolomeo".

At the meeting were the founders of the project: a successful entrepreneur Gennadii Moroz and expert in the effective management Yaroslav Fedorishin.

The purpose of the «Level UP» presentation - is a detailed account of the new product in the field of optimization of interaction within the company management with the staff and the decision-making on the participation in the expanded training workshop.

The successful transport of goods is closely related to the need for effective and rapid communication of “Interfraht" employees, who work in the office, are engaged in the transportation of cargo and cargo escorting, coordination among the various departments and communications with Ukrainian and foreign partners. Implemented communication technique allows the "Interfraht" company’s employees to process faster the customer’s orders, to deliver the goods and perform all of their obligations to customers, which is the basis for a fruitful and long-term cooperation.