March 23, 2016 executives of the company "INTERFRAHT" participated in the trial business lunch - "Exclusive tips for your business from a certified auditor." The event took place in Dnipropetrovsk. The initiator and organizer of the meeting is the Managing Partner of Audit-Invest Company Olga Elchenko.

In an informal atmosphere of a light breakfast the meeting participants familiarized themselves with the relevant instruments of doing accounting reporting. The refinement of methods used previously due to the entry into force of the updated version of the tax legislation of Ukraine.

In simple terms the information on the following topics has been offered:

    1. Prospects for the introduction of the single tax.
    2. Features of the calculation of income tax.
    3. Calculation of VAT.
    4. Transfer pricing.
    5. Excisable activities.
    6. Prospects for extending the moratorium on tax audits.
    7. Legally competent business response strategy.

The participants of the business lunch received:

  • useful information for successful protection of the interests of business enterprises;
  • advice on the use of exclusive business strategies in a partial business decline.
  • The versatility and practicality of received tips that allow one to successfully do business regardless of ownership form and spheres of activity of the company or enterprise were noted. We thank the Audit-Invest Company and Elchenko Olga for the nice meeting!