On April 11, 2016 INTERFREIGHT became the main partner of the seminar with the subject matter "How to inspire people and bring the company to prosperity" held by Liudmyla Bohush-Dand and organized by the Businessmen Club “WISE” as part of its April Meeting. The event took place in Dnepropetrovsk city at the National Center for Aerospace Education named after A.M. Makarov.

Doing business in the conditions of economic recession is a difficult task even for experienced businessmen. The absence of constant monitoring of the situation and the lack of new business development strategies lead to the challenge of how to protect the gains and to build on the success. To achieve the goals, it is necessary to practice analysis, verification and introduction of the optimal methods for the ad hoc situation.

Liudmyla Bohush-Dand the expert of the international category in the issues of management, setting and achieving goals in a rapidly changing environment told managers and business owners the conclusions resulting from the current situation analysis.

The seminar participants got acquainted with the principles of doing business in difficult economic conditions and the unexpected opportunities search techniques for the profit to grow and the enterprise to develop.

The seminar provided the answers to the pressing questions:

  • How to approach the work with enthusiasm and to redeem creative enthusiasm?
  • How to create the team of professional employees fascinated with the company's success?
  • How to increase mutual understanding and the motivation within the team?
  • How to find a simple and effective actions that could increase the profitability of the business in any situation?
  • How not to miss the extraordinary opportunity to earn?
  • How to set goals and achieve them?
  • How to develop and implement a strategy that leads to prosperity and success?
  • INTERFREIGHT Executives got the fresh ideas about how to deal in the ad hoc situation. They also learned how to hire a team of like-minds, to motivate the staff to work efficiently and achieve business growth. The understanding of the situation and the knowledge how to implement modern techniques inspires and encourages the inspiration and new ideas to appear and smooth the path towards success and enable everything to be done with love to the business.