Cargoes, the size and weight of which exceeds the standard, are referred to as oversized. On the territory of Ukraine the standard cargoes are considered to be the cargoes weighing up to 24 tons, up to 3.1 m in height, with length up to 13.6 m, width up to 2.45 m. The standards of other countries may be different from the Ukrainian. When carrying out international transportation it is necessary to take into account the differences.

In the authorization (governing the carriage) documents the non-standard cargoes are divided into several types: lengthy / heavy / bulky.In terminology of transport logistics companies all loads of this type are referred to as the oversized.

The most serious is considered to be the transportation of:

  • project cargo;
  • non-separable building structures of complex configuration;
  • nodes and elements of specialized equipment;
  • equipment - military, aviation, agricultural;
  • mini plants, boilers, components of the flow or assembly lines;
  • complex industrial equipment;
  • mining excavators;
  • cranes, machinery for the construction of buildings and roads;
  • gas turbines, rectification columns, drilling rigs;
  • mini ships, boats and yachts;
  • tube-rolling products;
  • other cargoes of non-standard size and weight.
  • INTERFREIGHT provides international transportation of the oversized cargo of any complexity.

    Transportation Oversized cargo is transported by special transport with the mandatory registration of permits for transportation on a certain track in the traffic police. The vehicle is selected depending on the characteristics of the freight. The lowboys should be used for transporting high cargoes. Heavy cargoes for conservation of the roadbed and even distribution of the cargo weight are transported on the high load capacity multi-axle platforms.

    Designation of oversized transportation To inform the road users about oversized transportation we use a special sign — a square (40x40 cm) with diagonally arranged red and white stripes 5 cm wide or special stickers on the vehicle. Particularly complicated freight, the shipping of which requires an adjustment of the transport stream or a temporary driving ban on a certain highway is accompanied by the traffic police.

    Route development Availability of equipment and cargo fixing elements does not guarantee a successful transportation of the oversized freight. The smart logistics is of paramount importance. The route development suggests:

  • consideration of the highway capacity;
  • presence of bridges with sufficient width and height for flight;
  • selection of highways with durable road surface capable to withstand the weight of the loaded vehicle;
  • absence on the cargo route of insurmountable obstacles in the form of: railway-crossings, tunnels, low-mounted power lines.
  • When drawing up the route it is necessary to take into account the regulations provided for the transportation of oversized cargo throughout the entire route. This is especially important in the international transportation. The rules are different in each country. Attention to details facilitates the processing of permits and provides confidence in the successful transportation of cargo to the destination point.

    Personnel requirements Transportation of oversized cargo is complex and in some cases dangerous procedure. To reduce the risks, it is necessary to observe the rules of transportation process organization and skills of the driver. Here are examples of mandatory requirements: 1. The freight placed on the vehicle shall not:

  • limit the review;
  • create noise or sound interference;
  • interfere with traffic control;
  • interfere with the perception by the driver the signals from other road users;
  • disrupt the stability of the vehicle;
  • lose the lighting and marking of the vehicle, by which the transportation is carried out.
  • 2. Special transport vehicles with cargo should not destroy the road surface and harm the environment. 3. The driver on the whole route is required to periodically monitor the correctly positioning and security of the freight fastening on the vehicle. Non-compliance with the recommendations and lack of skills of the drivers can cause serious damage to the cargo and accident initiation. Transportation of the oversized cargo should be entrusted to a responsible professional companies.

    What data do you need to provide? For a successful transportation of the oversized freight you should specify in the application:

  • dimensions;
  • weight;
  • special requirements for transportation.
  • Based on the data obtained, we can select the vehicle, fixing elements, work out the route, calculate how long it takes for delivery, help you to get permission for transportation on the selected route.

    Transportation cost Each oversized cargo requires an individual approach, that’s why it is not possible to specify a fixed price. The price is calculated individually for each cargo, depending on:

  • duration and complexity of the route;
  • size and weight of the cargo;
  • cost of execution of permission documentation;
  • deadlines.
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    Guarantees INTERFREIGHT has many years of experience in the international transportation. We are interested in development of business of our clients. We control the safety of the freight at all stages of transportation. We guarantee the professional performance of all obligations and timely delivery. If you need transportation of the oversized freight – make a request. We are glad to help.