International freight traffic is a basis of efficient operation of the global economy. Modern business is impossible without the cooperation of partners from many countries. International transportations have a number of specific features, without the knowledge of which it is impossible to guarantee a successful transportation of goods.

INTERFREIGHT offers a quick solution to the issues related to logistics, organization and technical support of the international transportation of goods from Ukraine. Our company has formed a clear system of communication with clients and operative interaction with vehicles and the technical services on the whole route. We have an arsenal of proven solutions related to the transportation of international cargoes and can provide information about the location of cargo at any time. Excellent proven methods have been developed with the participation of logisticians, managers, dispatchers, mechanics, drivers and team members to ensure transportation.

Features of the international transportation of goods International freight traffic is a complex transportation services industry. Successful work requires experienced staff, special vehicles, the ability to respond quickly to changing global trends and the regulatory framework of the various states. Competent logistics is a major component of success. The cargo can be transported by different modes of transport, taking into account the maximum benefit for the client.

Types of international transportation International freight transportation by type of transport are divided into several types:

  • land (road and rail);
  • water;
  • air.
  • Water transport is the leader in international transportation. 70% of goods are delivered by water transport. Automotive transport is a leader of land transportation. The road network allows to deliver cargo to any destination.

    By nature, the transportations are divided into:

  • direct - use one mode of transport;
  • multimodal (mixed) - part of the way on one mode of transport, part - on the other.
  • Regulations International freight traffic is regulated by certain conventions: 1. Motor - "Convention on the Contract for the carriage of goods by road", 1957, was signed by the former USSR. 2. Air transportation - international convention of 1929, the Chicago Convention of 1944, the additions of The Hague Protocol, 1955 3. Rail - COTIF 1980, which the former Soviet Union did not sign. Consequently, the transportation by rail from the COTIF countries to the former Soviet countries need further restructure. In the CIS and some other countries, cargo transportation by rail is made on the basis of SMGS (Agreement on International Goods Transport by Rail). 4. Sea transportation - The Hague-Visby 1924 and Hamburg 1978 regulations. The above regulations governing international freight traffic have not lost the powers and are still used.

    Particulars of contract execution Terms of contract for the international carriage of goods:

  • are defined by transport international conventions;
  • special cases, description of which is not provided for in the Convention by the internal regulations of each country in the territory, on which transportation is being carried out.
  • At signing of the contract, one of the parties is a foreign legal or natural person. The conflict restrictions of international conventions are surely taken into account. For example, transportation of cargo is made under the laws of the sending country and the receiving of cargo - under the laws of the recipient country.

    Preparation Modern transportation is not possible without the monitoring of regulatory legal acts of each country on the territory, which is expected to carry cargo. Our company conducts a thorough preparation for each cargo transportation, taking into account the slightest changes. Already at the stage of negotiations, we plan the organization of transportation with the maximum benefit for the customer. Effectiveness of decisions of our team have been repeatedly confirmed by successful delivery of complex international shipments.

    Transportation of goods in European countries INTERFREIGHT has a variety of ready-made solutions for transportation of various types of international cargo. Schemes are constantly being transformed to reflect the changes in the requirements of international transportation. If necessary, the experts of the company are able to offer a genuine solution for the transportation of unusual international cargo taking into account its peculiarities and subtleties of permissive legal framework of certain countries.

    Modern realities of transportation in Russia and Kazakhstan Transportation of goods from the territory of Ukraine to Russia is regulated by a special regulation. In particular, the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Russian Federation has warned Ukrainian transport companies about a change in the procedure for the international movement of goods from Ukraine to the Russian Federation. The representatives of the Russian side in order to prevent inconveniences and additional costs recommend to refuse from trips to Russia. International freight transportation from Ukraine to Kazakhstan with transit through the territory of the Russian Federation can be carried out from the territory of Belarus. Consequently:

  • drivers cannot cross the border of Ukraine with Russia, but it is possible to enter Russia from the territory of Belarus;
  • the cargo must be sealed;
  • presence of an accounting voucher is necessary.
  • The decision of the Russian Federation on transit transportation of goods entered into force on January 01, 2016. Implementation of the decision complicates the delivery of goods, but should be taken into account by all carriers.

    Our advantages INTERFREIGHT has extensive experience in international transportation of difficult goods. We have:

  • experience of crossing by transport with cargo the borders of many states;
  • well familiar with the requirements for the international transportation of oversized freight;
  • knowledge of the exact parameters of international highways;
  • are able to offer the optimal way of cargo transportation;
  • have years of experience of working with foreign partners involved in the process of transportation through the territory of foreign countries;
  • offer comprehensive services for international cargo transportation and the best prices for the services.
  • International cargo transportation by INTERFREIGHT — transportation service of international level!