multimodalMultimodal transportation is such a type of cargo transportation which involves the use of several means of transport within a single carriage. For example, it may be the transportation by road which is followed by air carriage, and then by sea. A multimodal transportation can be performed with at least two and up to an infinite number of means of transport in a different sequence.

What is the purpose of multimodal transportations? Multimodal transportation is essential in the case when delivering cargo with a single means of transport is not possible or it is necessary to deliver the goods quickly. In the first case, it may be cargo carrying between continents, thus transportation without using sea or air freight is impossible. In the second case, the delivery of the cargo to the airport by car and then air transportation significantly reduces the speed of delivery of your cargo.

Multimodal transportation

What is the process of multimodal transportations?

At first the cargo is delivered by the appropriate kind of road transport (low roader, container, truck, refrigerator) in the seaport or airport, then the cargo is carried by the second means of transport, and further transportation is performed with the third means of transport at the point of arrival (seaport or airport) to the end point of delivery.

Huge number of aspects like the type of cargo, the urgency of delivery, locations of the departure and destination points is taken into account while planning a multimodal transportation; very often several delivery options with different costs and means of transport are offered, it allows to find the most suitable combination.

Today multimodal transportation of goods is one of the most convenient and practical way to carry out your cargo. This type of transportation allows flexibility in planning the delivery routes and ensures delivery even in the regions where a standard way is impossible.

For many entities that cooperate with Interfreight multimodal transportations are considered to be the most advantageous, easy and convenient way to deliver cargo of any complexity.

Multimodal transportation of goods

Cooperating with us, you will always get the actual cost of transportation, several alternative routes, as well as a personal logistician who advises you on all issues related to your transportation and keeps you informed about the status of goods during the transportation.

We are responsible for the goods to our customers from loading until unloading of the cargo at the destination point.

Multimodal transportations are a separate kind of delivery and have their own particular qualities, working with us you will enjoy following benefits:

  • you work with a single partner, represented by our company, which assumes full responsibility for delivery, as well as performs the coordination and control of the shipment status on the route.
  • you will not need to sign a contract with several carriers; we sign a contract with you and solve all other issues on our own;
  • we calculate the cost of transportation taking into account the cost of each means of transport, and this, thanks to many years’ experience in the area of transport logistics, results in significant cost reduction for cargo carrying;
  • maximum usage of all the advantages of each means of transport;
  • calculation of the optimal route of cargo transportation;
  • delivery of the cargo anywhere across the globe;
  • reduction of the delivery time;
  • reduction of the final cost of delivery.

Thanks to the personal approach to each client of the company our employees take into account all the wishes concerning means of transport and provide comprehensive advice and recommendations as well, taking into account the individual characteristics of your cargo.

Multimodal transportations

Based on the requirements and wishes of our clients and taking into account the specifics of each cargo our employees pick the best transportation option by one or another means of transport, combine different types of transport if necessary and finally offer our customers the best possible scheme for the delivery of their goods.

Due to the long-term partnerships with many international companies you get a guarantee that we fully provide all conditions of carriage.

With us you will always get the perfect quality of services in the area of multimodal transportations!

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