Heavyweight or heavy transportations are among the most difficult types of cargo; each step of such carriages requires not only preliminary preparation, but also a precise sequence of actions.

It is not just about getting permission for this type of transportation, which requires filling of the exact characteristics of the goods to the regulatory authorities, but also about a solid experience of the driver who carries out this type of transportation. The issue is not only a significant value of the goods, but also the possible issues arising during transportation.

Because of these factors the transportation of heavyweight cargo is a special area of cargo carrying connected with enormous risks.

The main activity of Interfreight is precisely the transportation of oversized and heavyweight cargo. With its own special vehicle park, qualified and experienced drivers, as well as 14 years of experience in the field of cargo carrying, we can guarantee our customers the delivery of heavy cargo of any complexity.

Heavyweight transportations

The services of Interfreight

The main focus of the company’s activity is transportation of oversized and heavyweight cargo. For this purpose, we have our own vehicle park of low roaders and other special equipment. We are able to provide a full range of services for the transport of heavy goods, which includes not only the direct transportation, but also the cargo escorting, the security and materials-handling operations.

With extensive experience in this type of transportation, our customers don’t only get quality services for transportation, but also the actual cost of the service. For example, if to remove wheels while transporting a bus or a trolleybus, then this kind of transportation turns from oversized and heavy one into the category of only heavyweight cargo, which greatly reduces the cost of registration of all necessary documentation and transportation in general.

Heavy lift

Transportation of agricultural machinery

One of the most popular services in the field of heavy transport is the transportation of agricultural vehicles.

For this kind of cargo carrying we apply our own low loader trailers with the ground clearance not exceeding 50-60 cm.

One of the main features of agricultural equipment is the transportation of its optional attachments, which requires taking into account the possibility or impossibility of separate transportation of this type of equipment or transportation of attachments directly on the low roader.

Taking care of the safety of our customers’ expensive equipment, we can offer the best option, which also reduces the cost of transportation.

Transportation of oversized equipment

For transportation of oversized machinery our company uses special equipment that meets all the standards for this type of transportation.

This can be open areas of containers, low roaders, trailers and other type of special equipment, as well as other tools and mechanisms for materials-handling operations.

In the selection of vehicles to carry out your heavyweight cargo we take into account all features such as size, weight, route, presence of natural and artificial obstacles that may interfere with the carriage.

Heavyweight cargo transportations

Carriage of passenger transport

Carriage of passenger transport is a specific type of heavyweight transportation. The large number of glasses, plastic parts and expensive equipment makes the transportation of this cargo type an especially responsible and labour intensive process.

For all the years of freight forwarding Interfreight has numerously carried out transportations of buses and trolleybuses as well as helicopters, civil and military aircrafts, airframes and other expensive equipment.

In addition to the transportation of such equipment by ground transport vehicles, our company actively uses sea and air transportation, which greatly simplifies the process and also saves time on transportation.

Transportation of boats and yachts

In our practice we have cases of ground transportation of watercraft, namely yachts and boats. All such transportation has been made with company’s own hardware. Thanks to experienced drivers, properly-designed route and well done work, all the goods have been delivered in the integrity and safety.

Obtaining permission for transportation of oversized and heavyweight cargo in the CIS countries, Europe and Ukraine.

For the implementation of oversized or heavyweight forwarding it is necessary to prepare a set of documents that are sent to the Ministry of Transport of each country on whose territory the process of cargo carrying takes place. After receiving permission (the process of obtaining can last from several days to several months depending on the complexity of cargo), we are ready to transport.

Carrier must have a special permission to transport this type of cargo; this permission is obtained in each country on the planned route of the heavyweight transportation. This permission shall include all the data about the vehicle, the driver, detailed characteristics of the cargo and its description, the exact route (road and crossed settlements), time frame and similar restrictions or permits.

Transportation of oversized and heavyweight cargo without special permission in each country is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and may result in major penalties that in some cases significantly exceed the value of the goods. The reason for this is the fact that the unauthorized transport of heavy cargo can damage both the pavement and road structures (bridges, overpasses etc.). In addition to fines, the freight forwarding company’s license may be cancelled in some EU countries, followed by a ban to entry of the cars of this company on the territory of the EU.

For carrying out a heavy and/or oversized transportation it is necessary to make measurements throughout the intended route in order to determine if a vehicle with a load placed passes everywhere on it. If on any part of the route outsized/heavyweight transport fails to pass, another route is designed and the process repeats.

Thanks to the experience in the area of transportation our specialists have already had all the necessary information concerning on which route one or other heavy cargo should be transported, depending on its size and weight, which greatly simplifies the process of preparation to a cargo carrying.

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