International cargo carryingRoad transportations today are one of the most popular and relevant types of transport services.

Comfortable and expanding road network allows the transportation of goods in all directions, not only inside the single continent, but also to other continents due to the ferries and sea transport.

Interfreight has extensive experience in the area of transport logistics, moreover, we have our own transport as well as we use the services of proven carriers that will allow you to expect:

  • best price for services;
  • high speed of delivery;
  • private calm concerning your cargo during transportation.

Benefits of international traffic with Interfreight:

  • Ability to operate anywhere in the world;
  • Assurance of the cargo safety;
  • Flexibility in planning of transportations;
  • Door-to-door cargo delivery;
  • High transportation speed through the selection of the best modes of transport.

At present international transportation of goods is considered to be an integral part of the production process of many enterprises. It is not just about the supply of finished goods through the territory of the country in which the production is located, but it is about exports to other countries as well. Do not forget about importing of the necessary raw materials for the production from other countries too.

Intermodal transportation of goods

However, even with its own logistics department, many enterprises successfully cooperate with us, because the presence of the logistics professionals in our personnel with the experience in international transportation allows us to provide timely and reliably required transport, as well as comprehensive advice regarding the transportation.

For 16 years Interfreight has successfully carried out the import and export of various goods in more than 85 countries around the world, and we are constantly expanding the geography of our international cargo transportation.

The main directions of our freight forwarding:

  • Delivery of cargo from Europe to Ukraine (we have a direct experience with such countries as Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Baltic countries);
  • Delivery of cargo from Ukraine to Europe;
  • Delivery of cargo from Russia to Europe;
  • Delivery of cargo from Europe to Russia;
  • Delivery of cargo on the territory of the CIS;
  • Delivery of cargo from the CIS to Europe and back;
  • Delivery of cargo to the Middle East (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Georgia, Iraq);
  • Delivery of cargo to and from North Korea (the country is considered to be closed);
  • Delivery of cargo to and from China.

Working with us, you can be absolutely sure that we will be able to carry out the planned shipments to any direction interesting for you. And if we have not worked with any country - we have existing algorithms by which we will efficiently prepare the necessary documents that will enable us to export or deliver your cargo in the chosen country.

International freight forwarding

At the same time we can offer not only international road transportation, but also:

  • International sea transportation;
  • International air transportation;
  • Multimodal and intermodal transportations.

All of these services will allow you to plan your transportation in accordance with such requirements: speed, price and reliability.

For all the time of Interfreight’s successful work we have delivered over 100.000 loads, we are constantly and successfully working with more than 10.000 regular customers and continue expanding this list.

It is a rule for us to monitor the transportation progress regularly and to report the status of cargo to our customers, that’s why you will always have current information on the exact location of your cargo at the present moment while working with us.

international freight forwarding

We carry out international freight forwarding that requires special conditions of transportation. It could be food, and dangerous goods or any other goods that require not only special conditions of transportation, but prior approval from regulatory authorities.

Principles of our work:

  • Taking into account all the wishes of our clients concerning transportation;
  • Delivering of cargo timely;
  • Informing the customers timely;
  • Providing flawless quality services in the field of transport logistics;
  • Providing a full package of documents;
  • Extension of the services, optimization of work, personal approach to each client.

Working with us, you can be sure that you pass your goods in safe hands. The company Interfreight will deliver your cargo anywhere around the globe in a good and safe condition with minimal costs for you.

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