Air transportationFor 16 years Interfreight has provided international air transportation of transit, exported and imported goods on both scheduled flights and charter flights with the involvement of the most reliable, time proved carriers. Transportation of goods by means of air transport is called air freight or air cargo delivery.

In turn, the air freight is divided into the following types:

  • “General freight” (in other words simple transportation) – carrying out of the delivery to the destination point (which includes not only the delivery to the airport of a country or city, but also the subsequent delivery by air or by road to the customer's warehouse), provided that the customer of the service is the owner of the goods transported. The main advantage of “general freight” is high speed and reliability of delivery.
  • Associated air freight is a type of air cargo delivery, which involves the use of free transport (or available loading space in the aircraft) heading in the necessary direction. The advantage of such traffic is generally low shipping cost (in comparison with general freight).
  • Consolidated freight is the most common form of transportation of single-piece or small-scale shipments. In this case, the goods are consolidated from different senders (collected and stored) for temporary storage (usually in the airport stock) and are sent as they reach their optimum amount. Often this method is suitable for transporting goods over long distances, while taking into account the storage time in the airport warehouse its delivery can be much faster in comparison with the delivery by land or sea.

Air cargo carriage

Interfreight has an extensive network of partners around the world (that includes both airline partners and partners owning the road transport as well as ship owning companies). All this allows us not only to choose the best route and the best fare for our customer’s cargo delivery, but also to offer any alternative route of delivery according to customer’s requirements.

We are ready to carry out: general, valuable, dangerous, modular, perishable goods, as well as bulky and heavyweight loads.


Interfreight has many years’ experience in the transportation of export goods by air, using charter and scheduled flights.

All of our clients receive the full comprehensive advice regarding the rules and terms of international air freight, which allows you to be sure to comply with all formalities. As a result, you will be completely sure that your cargo will not only arrive at the destination, but also will be delivered on time and in safe and good condition.

Air cargo traffic

Our company provides freight forwarding services based on the principles of “door-to-door” cargo delivery with a full range of transportation services, which include the following:

  • Delivery of goods by road to the airport of departure;
  • Customs control on delivery to the airport;
  • Processing, coordination, approval in the airport of departure;
  • Selection of the optimal route by our specialists or according to the requirements and wishes of the client;
  • Selection of the airline carrier according to customer’s requirements or according to optimal speed, price and quality;
  • International air transportations involving all airlines offering scheduled and charter flights;
  • Timely information support of the clients on the status of the cargo and its location along the entire route;
  • Cargo insurance on request.

After the arrival of the goods at the destination airport:

  • Load distribution at the place of temporary storage (airport warehouse);
  • Transportation of your goods by road to the warehouse of destination or to the office;
  • Other activities associated with the load.

We guarantee not only the quality of our services, a fair price for the work and complete confidentiality of business information, but also our personal responsibility for your cargo, that allows you to keep calm during cargo transportation.


Due to the conclusion of partnership agreements with many international shipping companies we are ready to provide a full range of logistics services for the delivery of cargo from any country of the world.

Transportation of goods by air

We provide the following types of import cargo delivery services:

  • Negotiating with foreign shippers (owners or intermediary companies) in order to agree upon the forthcoming international air transportation;
  • Transportation of cargo from the warehouse of the sender to the airport;
  • Processing and approval of all required issues in the airport of departure;
  • Choosing and coordinating of the optimal route or a route which meets all customer’s requirements;
  • Organization of the international transportation based on the principles: speed, reliability, price.

When your cargo is delivered to the destination country, we will be ready in turn to offer the following services:

  • Handling cargo at the destination airport (bringing together all the proper documents and collection of goods from the warehouse of temporary storage at the airport);
  • Subsequent transportation of cargo by air or by road through the territory of the country to the place of final destination;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Information support of the location and condition of the goods along the whole route.

According to the wishes of the client, we can accept payment for services provided from the owner of the cargo or any other partner company.

Request of shipping costs