negabaritOversized cargo is such a type of cargo parameters of which (weight or size) exceed the permissible values for transportation according to the road traffic regulations. In other words, oversized cargo is cargo which cannot be transported by standard means of transport due to its size or weight and requires special solutions for its transportation.

The official wording of oversized cargo in regulatory documents and instructions is “bulky and/or heavy cargo.” The common expression in the professional field, including transportation and logistics companies, is “oversized cargo”.

If to consider the definition of oversized cargo in a wide sense, then it includes a set of requirements not only to the rolling stock, but also to the capacity of the road. All this involves the presence of bridges that can withstand the weight of the cargo together with the vehicle, as well as the absence of other disturbances (tunnels, railway crossings, power lines), in connection with which the transportation of oversized cargo may be impossible or difficult.

Oversized cargo transportation


A term “oversized cargo” appeared in Russia in the early 70s due to the beginning of a great building era. This period marked the beginning of the construction of a large number of objects of an industrial and energy complex of the Soviet Union: Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, Atommash, Kureyskaya HPP, Sakhalinskaya HPP, atomic Power Station, gas and oil pipelines, as well as other objects.

For the construction of each object it was necessary to deliver oversized or heavy loads, the transportation of which (as well as the assembling on-site) was impossible.

Oversized cargo transportation

In 1974, Science and Technology Commission was organized by the State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the purpose of which was to prepare orders to ensure the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo. The commission had a comprehensive approach to the solutions of the problems concerning transportation of these cargo types. The outcome of the commission's work was the decision the State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR as of 24 November 1976 “On ensuring transportation of oversized and heavy energy and other industrial equipment and development related research and design work” and “Main directions of the research and development works to ensure transportation of energy and other industrial equipment.”

Sign “Oversized cargo”

Sign "oversized cargo"

Sign “Oversized cargo” or “Bulky cargo” is a metal or plastic shield with a special coating that reflects light. Dimensions of the sign are 40x40 cm. There are interchanging red and white stripes 5 cm wide. The presence of a special coating that reflects light on the sign is an obligatory condition and essential to prevent accidents in the dark.

It is allowed to use “oversized cargo” stickers of similar size and light-reflecting qualities.

This sign is used for a vehicle that transports oversized cargo, whether bulky or heavy one, as well as to increase the visibility of the cargo on the road in order to prevent accidents and to inform other road users about a potential hazard on the road.

Driver requirements for the carriage of oversized cargo

Oversized cargo is connected with a lot of difficulties and, in some cases, is a dangerous process.

In this regard, there are a number of requirements both to the transportation process and the driver.

Examples of such requirements:

  • cargo must be positioned on the vehicle so that does not limit or impair the driver's vision;
  • cargo must not make noise or create any other interfering noises;
  • cargo must not complicate a vehicle steering;
  • cargo must not raise dust during transportation or in any way damage the road surface or the environment;
  • cargo must be fixed in such a way as not to affect the stability of the vehicle on which it is transported;
  • cargo must not prevent perception of the signals that the driver can apply to other road drivers;
  • cargo must not block beam deflectors, lighting equipment and identification signs and other devices of the car, which carries out the transportation;
  • during the cargo transportation, the driver must make an inspection of the security of cargo fixing and correct allocation on the car.


What are the types of oversized cargo?

Oversized cargo transportation

Oversized and heavy cargo, as a rule, include various types of equipment, special purpose machinery, building constructions and other types, such as:

  • military and aviation machinery;
  • parts of factory lines and portable plants;
  • cranes;
  • agricultural machinery;
  • steam boilers;
  • drilling rigs;
  • yachts;
  • gas turbines;
  • motor boats;
  • mine excavators;
  • large industrial equipment;
  • construction and road machinery;
  • non-standard tube-rolling production;
  • complex steel constructions;
  • other types of oversized cargo that exceed any standard size, weight or shape.

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